Here are some examples of Feedback I gave using TLIC scores for my classmates Co-Teaching Presentations:

  1. 1. TC selects or creates appropriate (developmental, sensitive to cultural, linguistic, and ability differences), high quality formative assessment strategies that provide ongoing information to the teacher and students about student progress towards the content & language goals/targets/objectives.
Write feedback for teaching teams in this section:

We gave you a “2” on #16 because you did ask the class to share any information we knew about differentiation for exceptional populations. However, we can’t think of any other formative assessment strategies you used in your lesson to assess where we were at. You did walk around to help us if we needed it, but didn’t really check for our understanding on your own.
We really liked the lesson. I appreciate how you talked about GT students, b/c sometimes I feel like teachers learn how to accommodate for SPED students, but overlook how to accommodate for GT students.
Your relaxation made us relaxed.
We also enjoyed/learned from the high achiever vs. GT students.
Maybe you could have incorporated that list into a pre and post-assessment
-Kaly and Tania

From Kaly and Kristin:
TC collaborates with other professionals including CT and learning specialists (SPED, ELL, Speech/ Lang., Interventionists, School Psych) to engage in co-teaching models to deliver specific, purposeful instruction to meet the needs of the students.

We gave you a 3 because this wasn't applicable to your lesson. You did use the DI book as an outside resource to help you with your lesson.

Unfortunately, the others, I emailed through the ecollege 5030 "email" link, so I do not have access to my sent emails.