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Jing Analysis 1
Jing Analysis 2
Jing Analysis 3
Jing Analysis 4
Jing Analysis 5

Learning Goals for the Course
Thinking Data
Gathering, Analyzing, & Using Data
My analysis of my internship school state-level data
Data Work Sample
Data Benchmark
Data Peer Feedback
see Professor Elliott's Feedback to my Required Online Module Post (in which I discussed the CGM) here (if link doesn’t work due to necessity to sign in, find link under my response in Required Online Module page on 5030 ecollege)
Differentiated Instruction
DI Thinking Data
DI Work Sample
Online Access to Tania and My Co-Teaching Lesson on How to Manage Differentiation
DI Peer Feedback
Received through email:
Kaly and Tania – I’m so sorry I missed your lesson but Lee and I met today and she gave me a very favorable report on the class! She said strong planning was evident throughout your lesson and your “teacher presence” established you as the people in charge of the classroom. However, I did not see your lesson plan posted in the threaded discussion area, so please be sure to post it.

Strengths – (from Lee’s notes and our discussion today)

1) your teaching collaboration was comfortable and effective

2) your organization of the lesson process was both excellent and creative - starting with group responses to the overarching questions and having the work stations set up ahead of time allowed the lesson to flow smoothly from beginning to end.

3) laminating and using the pictures as you did was creative and made the process a fun learning experience for your groups; they also liked the “moo cow” timer

4) the pacing was great – you kept track of the time and used it efficiently, beginning with your learning goals, assisting/clarifying where needed at the work stations, and closing with “something you learned & on which chart does it fit?”

I am looking forward to your final reflection! Lori
Special Education
SPED Thinking Data
PBS Module Includes Behavior Support Information that is often used in IEPs
SPED Benchmark

Invisibility Thinking Data
Invisibility Work Sample

feedback I gave a classmate about an invisible population she focused on in her Case Study

Assessment, Policies, & Current Events
Assessment, Policies, and Current Events Thinking Data
Assessment, Policies, and Current Events Work Sample
Assessments, Policies, and Current Events Benckmark
See my response to Tania's Online Module on Non-Profits

School Context -

See Partner School Data on my Case Study Data Chart HERE

UC Denver:

school website, demographics data, and our role in the community.
National Level Context for Teachers in Urban Settings –

Teacher Turnover in Urban Education

SAT Scores and Family Income Data

Gargiulo discusses disproportions of minorities in SPED

What Every Teacher Need to Know About Poverty
Recommended Grade: A