Denver Metro CPRC (Community Parent Resource Center)

- Serve families who have children with disabilities, 0-26
- Low income, culturally/linguistically diverse families
- Want families to know that they are not alone
Help families know their rights and responsibilities under IDEA
Children Must be receiving Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)
- Have lots of fact sheets (good visual organizers to help families to understand the world of living with disabilities)
- Also help train teachers on how to write a good IEP, how IEP works, etc.
- They can help facilitate communication between administrators and families in order to help support families
- If they can get a small group of at least 6 families, they will come out to make a presentation (or else they can talk to families through phone or email)
- Immigrants without documentation does not interfere with individuals rights to receive FAPE
- They translate into other languages, but they speak Spanish
- IDEA requires to have a translator at IEP meetings for individuals to be able to understand what is going on at the meeting

Project PAVE

- Works out of East High School right now
- Peer to peer prevention education about teen relstionship violence
Teens will be teens and they will listen to each other
- Warning signs about domestic violence
- YCEP program - Youth Community Education Program: community condensed version (1-2 hours)
- Teen Dating Violence Prevention -
Teach in classrooms (4.5 hours),
any class that will take them.
Teen dating violence 101,
more intensive classes, pper to peer education
power and control
warning signs
gender roles
- Club at East, Angles Against Abused:
School based Project PAVE (Paid sponsor) holds assemblies, awareness BBQs
Contact at (303) 322-2382


(Community Centered Board - see Alliance Map of Community Centered Board
Eligibility: Having the state definition of a DD
-Downs Syndrome
- Case Management Determine Eligability
- All ages
Disability has to have happened before the age 22
Family Services: 1-2K provided to families to help out at home
Work with 200+ service providers
Go to IEP meetings for transition/vocational advice/resources

Out and About

After School/Summer Program for kids 7-21
8 hour days for summer and no-school days
Also has core day program for adults (most students transition)
Also has transition for employment to Imagine Employment program
Most people have services paid for by Medicaid

Denver Options

Developmental Disabilities Resource Center

Child Find

Colorado Legal Center for People with Disabilities

Language Language Acquisition Unit

Migrant Education